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posted by Tessa Webb on Thursday, 30 October 2014

The NCUB has asked me to write another blog to help undergraduates get ready for the workplace.

The National Centre for Universities and Business has commissioned me to write about student employability.

Claire, the owner of Two Ducks (a lovely company selling beautiful British gifts) has inspired me to write this blog. On returning from the New Des


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the course

'We believe that this is a truly pioneering approach to enabling art students to succeed.'

 Dawn Mason, Associate Head of Department (ART), University of the West of England, Bristol

Creatives into Business is a tailor-made course written by Tessa Webb to equip creative people with appropriate business skills. It is based on her experience as a marketer, a small business owner and her knowledge of the creative industries.

How the course benefits you:

  • Get to grips with the art of marketing - simple, clear, easy to understand and completely do-able
  • Build up your confidence to present and sell what you make or do
  • Understand complex problems - easy, straight-forward and do-able
  • Learn how to do all the day-to-day aspects of running a small creative business
  • Take your creative business or hobby to the next level

What do the students say?

'This is an excellent course with access to so much material.'

'I now feel more professional about my practice, have a clearer vision and realistic goals.'

'Amazingly helpful and well-thought presentations, images, web addresses and artist profiles.'

'Like a business encyclopedia!'

'I have all the information to hand for when I am ready to go out into the work place or work for myself.'

'I like Tessa's teaching style. The information was compact and relevant.'

'The course as a whole has been amazingly engineered towards people like us.'

'They'd be stupid to try a creative business without the aid of Tessa.'

'The broad knowledge that has been given to us has prevented many mistakes that I know would most certainly occur had we not had this course.'

'Tessa is what makes this course. Having done A' level Business Studies that would send me to sleep, this is WOW! I enjoyed every aspect.'

'Tessa has given us every tool possible to tackle what is ahead.'

'As the sessions progress, I feel that going into business is do-able.'

'I have developed confidence in myself and my aspirations. I feel I have been given clear, methodical advice to guide me through the process of thinking through my business plans.' 

'It has opened my eyes to the potential I have.'

'The course was presented in such a way that it appealed to me as an art student and kept me engaged. Tessa was completely understandable and answered questions with such ease; she kept the class involved and encouraged us to think bigger.'

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