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posted by Tessa Webb on Thursday, 30 October 2014

The NCUB has asked me to write another blog to help undergraduates get ready for the workplace.

The National Centre for Universities and Business has commissioned me to write about student employability.

Claire, the owner of Two Ducks (a lovely company selling beautiful British gifts) has inspired me to write this blog. On returning from the New Des


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handouts available

Handouts are tailor-made for each sessionEach session is backed up with extensive reading material and relevant case studies. These handouts and resources can then be organised (alongside notes from each session) into an A4 ring binder to create a ready-reference for the future:

Websites you need to know about

Books you need to read

Have you got what it takes to be self-employed? Don't leave a stone uncovered - questionnaire

Looking for a job? How employable are you? - questionnaire

What makes you tick? Helping you to understand your identity so that you can create a meaningful business - life planning:

SWOT analysis (questionnaire)

Life line drawing exercise

Where am I going? Questionnaire

Individual learning plan questionnaire

What are your values and how will you live them?

Hints and tips to help you get what you want by being polite, friendly and professional: Assertiveness:

Comparisons passive, aggressive, assertiveness

Starting to become more assertiveness

Time management:

To-do list

Urgency v. importance

Daily plan

Assess whether you have the right work/life balance

How psychometric tests can help you develop as a person and understand others

Maslow's hierarchy of needs explained

You need to show the world exactly who you are: Johari's window as part of an introduction to presenting yourself

How to write about yourself and your work

How to write a mission or vision statement, and talk about yourself - elevator pitches

Putting together your CV

What is marketing?

What sort of business would suit you? Different types of business models

Ensure that your presentations are professional: a guide to preparing for and delivering a presentation

Know your rights: copyright and patents

Copyright quiz covering the most common issues

How do you cope when people who are rude: dealing with objections and rejection

Advertising your business dos and don'ts

Hot tips on setting up a website or blog - a checklist of everything to consider

Online resources for selling your work

Get out there and network, on and off line

Presentations: student feedback forms and my feedback form

A year of craft fairs

A year of art fairs

Dealing direct with the buyer

Hot tips for opening your studio to the public for an open studio event

How to deal with galleries

It's crucial: how to sell

How to deal with printers and buy print

Example of a painting rental contract

Examples of effective press releases

Example of a business plan for an open studio event

Example of a brief for a website or blog

Get ideas: how to promote your business chart

What goes into a business plan?

What goes into a marketing plan?

Your social media strategy - things to consider

Hot tips on how to make Twitter work for you

Hot tips on how to make Facebook work for you

Hot tips on how to make LinkedIn work for you


Pricing your work

Your survival budget - work out how much you need to survive

Cash flow - get a handle on your finances

Book keeping: how to keep your accounts

The bottom line: profit/loss forecasts and statements

How to present an invoice

Getting that win-win solution: how to influence and negotiate

How to take on commissions

Sample of a brief for a commission

Are you comfortable with risk? Managing risk for commissions

So you have an interview lined up?

Hot tips for interviews

Preparing for an interview

Interview questions

So you want to teach? The character, strengths and attributes of a teacher

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