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posted by Tessa Webb on Thursday, 30 October 2014

The NCUB has asked me to write another blog to help undergraduates get ready for the workplace.

The National Centre for Universities and Business has commissioned me to write about student employability.

Claire, the owner of Two Ducks (a lovely company selling beautiful British gifts) has inspired me to write this blog. On returning from the New Des


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essential book list


Mornement, Caroline Second Steps: A one-stop resource for all who are setting up a business in the applied arts (BCF Books, 2006)

The Design Trust Business Start-up Guide for Designers and Makers 2005 (compiled by The Design Trust, 2005. Available on line at to view online)

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Taylor, Karen The Internet for Artists: A Guide to Exhibiting and Selling your Work on the Web (Eyelevel Books, 2002)

ISBN 1902528158

Chapin, Karen The Handmade Marketplace: how to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online (Story Publishing, 2010)

ISBN 978 1 60342 477 6

Trade-off  published by Artists Newsletter, 2007. ISBN 0 907730 80 9 (

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Hargreaves McIntyre, Morris Making it to Market: Developing the Market for Contemporary Craft (London: Published by The Arts Council). 0 7287 1166 4. Good for makers. Free Download from their website 

Taste Buds: how to cultivate the art market. The Executive Summary of this report is available in print: ISBN 0 7287 1053 6

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Portfolio Careers

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For Budding Entrepreneurs

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General Business

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Finance and Accounts

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Learning Styles, Personal Skills and Personal Development

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Writing a CV and applying for jobs

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Houston, Kathleen Winning CVs for First Time Job-hunters (Richmond: Trotman Publishing, 2004) ISBN 0856609714

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