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posted by Tessa Webb on Thursday, 30 October 2014

The NCUB has asked me to write another blog to help undergraduates get ready for the workplace.

The National Centre for Universities and Business has commissioned me to write about student employability.

Claire, the owner of Two Ducks (a lovely company selling beautiful British gifts) has inspired me to write this blog. On returning from the New Des


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artists into business

Level one

1 session: call to action

  • introduction to Artists into Business what we cover
  • how to write a CV
  • questionnaire how employable are you?

Level two


8/9 x (2-3 hour) sessions culminating in 10-minute assessed presentations on their work or business idea, pulling everything together.

Level three

Students figuring out the art world using mind mapsSession 1: refresher on CVs, employability, references and direction

Break down into focus groups related to personal career direction. Live jobs in:

  • Education secondary school teaching
  • General - creative industries, e.g. office assistant
  • Curating, gallery work, arts and exhibition organisation
  • Artist in residency
  • UWE fellowship
  • Any other of their choice

Using worksheets provided, the students look at the job descriptions for each post and work together to see if they have what the employer is looking for:

1. They will work in groups to decide what the employer wants and then...

2. ... they will work on their own to see what they have individually, i.e. their personal education, skills and knowledge. This will enable them to: identify and sell their skills, but also identify any skills gaps that they need to work on.

3. One nominated student from each group to prepare for role play mock interview for that job with Tessa as the interviewer at the next session.

Session 2: Role play/mock interviews for each chosen direction, in front of group. Each interview is followed by a discussion.

Session 3: 1-to-1 mentoring appointments discussing individual direction and CVs.

New session at level three: Writing workshop: how to write about your work.

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