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posted by Tessa Webb on Thursday, 30 October 2014

The NCUB has asked me to write another blog to help undergraduates get ready for the workplace.

The National Centre for Universities and Business has commissioned me to write about student employability.

Claire, the owner of Two Ducks (a lovely company selling beautiful British gifts) has inspired me to write this blog. On returning from the New Des


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Getting the confidence to present

Every year over 100,000 creative people graduate from art and design courses across the UK. Very few of them have been prepared for earning a living. Creatives into Business is designed to empower them with the essential business skills that they need to run a small creative enterprise, often as part of a portfolio career.

New research Creative Graduates: Creative Futures (published in 2010) reveals that portfolio working and self-employment/micro businesses are now recognised as normal for creative graduates:

  • 'portfolio careers' and multiple income streams are well established, with 48% of graduates combining employment with self-employment, study or developing their creative practice
  • working on a freelance/self-employed basis is key to portfolio working
  • 45% of graduates had worked freelance since graduating, and at the time of the survey 23% were self-employed and 18% were running a business

The report shows that enterprise and entrepreneurial skills were least developed at university and it ends: 'it is clear there is work to be done to prepare graduates for the likelihood they will be self-employed and for the requirements for creative careers.'  Creatives into Business is a direct response to this need.

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